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Gladiator zombie
A buff zombie gladiator who has been brought back to live again and again by his master to fight for him in the arena. I made this for the Character Design Challenge over at facebook.

I was watching this documentary about birds-of-paradise where I saw some weird bird having this beautiful bright lime-green color on the inside of it's mouth including the tongue.

So here is a speculative design on a Dilophosaurus with the same green tongue.

Dilophosaurs was a big predator of it's time with a whopping 7 meters long. Too bad they made him so tiny in the first Jurassic Park movie. But Steven Spielberg stated that they purposefully reduced it's size to avoid confusion with the Velociraptors in the movie. Which is understandable.

He lived during the early Jurassic period.

I was thinking of maybe doing all the dinosaurs with the same perspective so I could place them all to scale next to each other at the end of this month. 

But then again, drawing them all from the same perspective is kinda boring so maybe i'll just do a few of them like this.

Giraffatitan brancai ladies and gentlemen. Or how most of us know her; Brachiosaurus. With 20 meters long and as tall as a 4 story building this creature truly was one of the largest animals to walk the earth.

So how is it possible they could life that enormous neck and move that hulking body you might ask? Well the cool thing about all Saurischians (the sauropods and theropod dinosaurs) is that they had air pockets (just like birds) in their bones. This allowed the bones the become much bigger than usual.

But yeah, our beloved Brachiosaurus has always been a Giraffatitan. (Damn you paleontologists and your classifications.)

The first fossils of this gentle giant were found in Africa. Then later more fossils were found in America. At first people thought they were the same species but after further examination. the two species had some striking differences. Resulting in the naming of two different species.

But because the name never took any foothold in media or in published papers people still think there is only one Brachiosaurus.


Spiclypeus is a late Cretaceous Ceratopsian (which means he is closely related to Triceratops and Styracasaurus obviously).

I have always had a great fascination for the variety of heads and displays within the Ceratopsian family.

Just look at all the different designs and horns and shield.



Baldi Konijn
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Hey there, I am a concept artist and illustrator currently looking for work.

Here are some other links yo!……


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GrimmSkulltheMad Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
hey, me and some friends were thinking of making games soon and we have a huge project planned for the future, as soon as we get the equipment, and do some smaller projects to raise enough money to start it, and pay for other workers and voice actors, do you think you could help us design some creatures? I have some of my own designed, but there has to be more than just seven. what do you think?
Lady-Wyvern Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
cool gallery !
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I know that this is a bit late but here it comes. Also, I am a bit short of personalized phrases for each birthdays, so I hope that this will be good for you.....:

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I wish you a Happy Birthday and that all your wishes of Birthday are accomplished. 

And remember, keep being cool and classy.
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happy birthday!
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